Available Medicine for Social Anxiety

suffer-anxiety-400x400Interacting with other people is a fundamental part of human life. Therefore any factor or condition that makes it difficult to socialize with others must be dealt with accordingly.

Social anxiety is a condition that brings the fear of being rejected, negatively judged and has a tendency of sparking violence. Moreover it impacts in someone a feeling of inadequacy, embarrassment, humiliation, inferiority and consequently depression. This condition can be detected by a careful examination.

For example, if a person is noted as being irrationally anxious or uncomfortable around other people, but seem relaxed and better when they are alone, then social anxiety may be the cause. So, what kind of social anxiety medicine is available?. Commonly two types treatment are used for social anxiety; medication and psychotherapy.


This method invokes in the patient the ability to face their fear develop confidence in the long run. The counseling process is part of this treatment. Finding a qualified therapist is therefore advisable. In Psychotherapy treatment, the most viable approach is the Cognitive- behavioral therapy abbreviated (CBT).

Firstly, this counseling approach will help you identify anxieties that you face and understand the situations or conditions that ignite the anxiety. Though you may feel uncomfortable and anxious while facing your fears and the situations you dread, this is the most important part that facilitates your recovery.

However, the process must combine both consistency and persistence for it to be effective. As evidenced by clinical and research findings, a comprehensive CBT is remarkably successful and can produce permanent changes and improvements in the lives of patients.

Moreover, the cognitive behavioral therapy has incorporated measures to help you relate with others with ease. This includes participating in skill training otherwise referred to as role-playing. Eventually, you will perfect your social skills and gain the comfort and confidence that will make you terrific in your social relations.


There are several types of medication used to treat social anxiety disorder. The very first type of medication to always be tried to averse persistent symptoms of social anxiety are however selective re-uptake inhibitors (SSRIs). Some doctors may decide to prescribe Paxil or Zoloft. Other options include SNRI and venlafaxine. These drugs usually have side effects and to reduce these, doctors start on low dose medication and eventually increase it to a full dose.

There exists other type’s of medication including antidepressants, anti-anxiety medications and beta blockers which are aimed at reducing heart rate, regulating blood pressure and trembling of voice and limbs especially when giving a speech. So whatever type of medication your doctor decides to prescribe, be patient and do not give up in case it doesn’t work as soon as you expect it to. Keep in mind that finding the right type of prescription for different situations takes time because there is no exact known type of medication for your situation so it is going to take trial and error until something starts working for you. Ensure that you take medicines as prescribed, keep your therapy and medical appointments and be open with your doctor in case there are changes in your condition.

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