Medication Is Not Always The Best Solution

635952479044563928-77338593_NBuQoYuvI am twenty two years old and I have anxiety. For a person my age, having anxiety is harsh, you see your high school classmates graduating from college, some are starting their life but you, you’re stuck at the house thinking of negative things that may or may not even happen. So you cannot say that having anxiety is just all in the mind.
Managing your anxiety with medication is a very crucial decision for your condition. It can drastically help you or it can make you well, drug dependent. Though you’ll feel more confident managing your anxiety with medication, most medications have side effects. Some side effects are drowsiness, lack of energy, clumsiness, slow reflexes, slurred speech, disorientation and sometimes depression. In other words, managing your anxiety with medication is no always the answer.
I have been battling anxiety for two years now and my attacks have gone from mild to unbearable, in which case my mom takes me to the hospital for at least three days. Though I was advised that managing your anxiety with medication will be a big help I refused to take these medications for a couple of reasons. First, it can be quite expensive depending on what medication you’ll be prescribed. Second, I tend to panic when I take medicines so I don’t really deal with side effects that good. I tend to panic when I feel something different about my body. Third and the most important reason is sometimes you just have to get over some things without help and for me, personally, anxiety is one of these things that you have to overcome with pure strength and will. Yes it may take a lot more time than managing your anxiety with medication, but if you over came anxiety with just your strong heart and mind, you’ll never be more confident. Battling anxiety is a battle of wills, it’s either you let it eat you or fight back swinging hard. Without medication you’ll feel like sometimes that you can’t take it any more or maybe even worse, you feel like you are going to die. I have felt these things countless times for two years now. It used to be adventure and crazy things but now it’s just getting through the day without crying, but even though I feel like this and honestly, it came to my mind once in a while that managing your anxiety with medication is the only solution that there is. I never took any pill that will help me win this battle inside me. I am confident that someday I will get through this, even stronger than I was before. Knowing that you have over come anxiety with just being positive.
I am still an anxiety patient but I can say that I am doing great compared to my former self. It seems to be a clique but time really heals everything and patience, you’ll need a lot of it to be managing anxiety without medication. It will not be easy but it everything will work out just fine. There are better things to come. Keep that in mind.

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