Symptoms Of Panic And Anxiety Disorders

Anxiety mental health symbol isolated on white. Mental disorder icon design
Anxiety mental health symbol isolated on white. Mental disorder icon design

Ever experienced stand still moment when you feel like hell has broken lose? This is the time you feel like you are slowly dying and can’t tolerate to live anymore. Don’t lose hope as this is a normal to all human beings and we must at one time come across such a time. It is a condition you can experience at home, place of work, when with friends, strangers or at public places when prompted to address a gathering. This moment can be crippling, numbing, overwhelming and even worrying. If not controlled, such condition could end up distressing someone’s life altogether. Ideally, there are various types of anxiety disorders that a person can experience. These include social anxiety disorder, panic disorder, phobia and general anxiety disorder. It is a condition that can claim the better part of your life if you do not control it early.

What are the signs and symptoms of panic and anxiety disorders? The signs and symptoms of panic and anxiety disorders do develop and reach their peak within the least time possible. Most of the people develop panic and anxiety within 10 minutes and they are fully panicking and sweating. Signs and symptoms of panic and anxiety can physical, emotional or mental. Panic disorder signs and symptoms are most of the times physical and can be confused at times as heart attack. Panic attacks that develop repeatedly in someone ends up graduating into panic disorders. Difficulty in breathing, heart palpitations and chest pain are some of the panic attack signs and symptoms that an individual can develop. What makes panic disorder recur? Behaving differently after experiencing a panic attack and worrying so much about having another panic attack are some of the causes of panic disorder recurrence.

Someone with panic disorder would try to avoid certain environments and situations. This is due to the inner urge that soon you are going to experience a similar panic disorder as the previous. This condition is sometimes phobia avoidance. Such situations include avoiding being far away from home, eating or even drinking anything in places with many people. Other signs and symptoms possessed by someone who is suffering from panic anxiety disorders include trembling and shaking. This is when someone no longer stands in front to address a crowd. Such moments are also accompanied by chills of heat feeling and someone would start sweating a lot.

Nevertheless, there is also fear of losing control or even going nuts. Someone feels like he or she has been detached from themselves. Also there are reported instances of someone feeling some choking effect. Once someone develops these signs and symptoms, inner urge follows and fear of developing them again in future. Can this condition be treated or prevented?

Ideally, panic anxiety is a condition you can treat and prevented by the kind of activities that we do. The recommended medications that are used to treat panic attack and disorders include antidepressants and benzodiazepines. Moreover, you can prevent such conditions yourself through controlling your breathe, avoiding drug and substance abuse such as caffeine and tobacco, practicing relaxation techniques and above all learning about panic attack itself. Do not let panic and anxiety claim your life, instead do something to help yourself out of this depressing situation.


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