The Difference Between Stress and Anxiety

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The difference between anxiety and stress has to date been a problem to many with most people confusing the two words. Although these two words are interchangeably used in the day to day conversation to express ones feelings, understanding the difference between stress and anxiety is quiet important. You need to understand that these are two different words used to describe the same experience.

Putting aside our daily belief on these two words, we need to know that there is always a difference and this is determined by how it affects the person or even the cause of the situation. Below is an explanation on Understanding the Difference Between Stress and Anxiety.


This is whereby one’s body reacts to a challenge that basically causes some sort of disturbance on one’s mental or physical normal balance in one’s daily life. In other words, stress arises from the uncalled for pressure that one encounters in his or her body especially the mind. It is during these times that the adrenal glands present in the body releases the adrenaline and this is a hormone present in activating one’s body defense mechanism against any threat resulting to abnormal heart pounding, eyes pupils to widen or even one’s muscles to tense.

With time, the adrenaline hormone disappears and the body goes back to normal state. However if one undergoes frequent state of being stressed, the adrenaline hormone will remain in the body and the extended stay of this hormone will lead to depression and other negative effects of such as anxiety which is one of the symptoms of stress which when not addressed with seriousness can lead to serious health illness. Here you will notice that stress in itself is not an ailment instead it is a reaction of our body towards a stressor that needs to be managed.


On the other hand, anxiety is the intuitively unpleasant feelings of fear over anticipated event. In other words, this is a process whereby one gets to be apprehensive on what lies ahead leading to physical uneasiness such as panic, pain attacks and a feeling of obsession. In general, anxiety is the negative effect or rather the stress that develops after the stressor in one’s body has disappeared with its root basis not yet known usually accompanied with intense feeling of fear unlike the stress which is a response to a specific stressor.

Generally, one need to understand that anxiety is a side effect of stress usually considered as a short term justifiable mental disorder that is largely caused by worry whereas stress is mainly the normal response to a threatening situation in the body that could last for weeks or even months if not well addressed.

With these fact of Understanding the Difference Between Stress and Anxiety, one should no longer use these terms to mean the same thing instead one should learn the situation they are in to be able to use the right mechanism to tackle the situation as there are different ways of handling either stress or anxiety.


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